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You may have to go an extra mile in finding happiness within yourself. You should not get depressed by reading this, and instead, you should realize that the true happiness is in getting connected with the divine force.

Astrology is just one branch of knowledge which shows our cosmic programming. May be we are unaware of the other forces acting on us. When you see the Moon in a complex mode, think of how it can improve our thought process, since the Moon signifies the mind. You should understand that our thoughts are so powerful and they have the power to control our actions, then you should frame your mind to produce productive thoughts. How can you frame your mind?

Well, feed your mind with good philosophies, read ancient texts, they show how people in the ancient world managed their life, these ancient texts have success stories as well as those showing the failure ones. Learn from success stories on what strategy you should adopt and learn from failures what you should not do. It is ultimately your choice on what you have to think and act. Planetary placement shows your traits.


Therefore, astrology is nothing but high-end psychology and you should carefully read and understand the above Holy Scriptures. You can find scriptures with similar meaning in almost all ancient religious texts. For Quick Alerts. Subscribe Now. For Daily Alerts.

Marunadan Malayali Today Epaper in Malayalam (മലയാളം)

Must Watch. Yoga spirituality. Faith mysticism. More SUN News.

Reporter Diary | English | Marunadan Malayali

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'സംഘി'കള്‍ ഇല്ലാതിരുന്നിട്ടും എന്തേ ആരും ശബരിമല കയറിയില്ല ? I About sabarimala I Instant Response

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Police came to my office and took my statement. But, I was never arrested and never signed a bond seeking bail," he said. However, Ameen said that he was arrested from Thiruvananthapuram press club by Ernakulam police on Saturday and immediately released on bail there itself. CI Shelbi said that police were on the look out for a correspondent with Marunadan Malayali named Sreejith Sreekumaran who reported the news. Police is also trying to trace a person named Manoj Ravindran who allegedly made defaming remarks on Chammany on Facebook under the username Niraksharan.

According to police, the publisher of evartha. Then mom coming and telling him any way she is not doing any good for us at least let her to do this. I am sad. Why because, I am alone here. Blood is thicker than water. I asked him what guarantee that you will take care of me after my parents leave the earth. Then my daughter, who is 18 interfered.

You have been telling this again and again and I am so bored listening to this. Can you say some new stories? You claim that you are an astrologer, so you should be knowing all about your future right?

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Astrology is a valuable science. It is the agenda of these foreign- funded organisations to blame whole Indian culture and tradition as useless and anti-god. For them we are uncivilized and pagans. Astrology can only do this. You go to an astrologer to know what your lagna is, what does your lagna says, what your moon sign is what does that indicates, where your career lord sits, what is your behavior pattern. My vision is that, even if Satan himself comes to our life , we should use him for divine purposes.

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Kindly wake up astrologers, we can do so much for others well being……Than these foreign puppets who sell the divinity in the name of their stomach and luxuries. He was asking about the possible issues if he sells it or uses it. He was repeatedly asking me whether I know any black magic. I told him that I donno any black magic. I asked him to give that object either to the owner of that land or give it to archeology dept. What else should I say? I know the original source of that question too. I donno any black magic and astrology is not black magic..

But when we say that we are astrologers, suddenly people get a feeling that we know tantra, mantra and black magic and can harm others. Once you start doing it, I am sure you are cursed eternally. Psalm For in the day of trouble he will keep me safe in his dwelling; he will hide me in the shelter of his sacred tent and set me high upon a rock.

Planets are nothing but the creation of god. I told that IIM guy, you please go and learn something about Astro-psychology , then it will help you in your career. Well he could not believe that. I was so offended during the class guys. I was so angry with that counselling institution. Not well planned, no insights, no knowledge nothing.

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