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It is a period that most astrologers consider inopportune for getting married or starting a new relationship. Brand new financial undertakings are not advised during this period as well. There may be delays or confusion in relationships and financial affairs. Read more about Venus Retrograde cycles. What is Mars Retrograde? Occasionally, Mars appears to be moving backwards in the sky. When Mars is in its retrograde cycle, we are forced to re-assess our current projects, our approach to getting what we want, and our desire nature.

Rather than directly asserting our desires, we tend towards introspection. We can be hesitant about taking action, second-guessing our instincts or our natural impulses rather than acting upon them. Jupiter is retrograde in from April 10 to August 11, , in the sign of Sagittarius.

Saturn is retrograde in from April 29th to September 18th, , in the sign of Capricorn. Saturn Retrograde Cycle in Starts April 29, Uranus completes its retrograde that began on August 7, , in on January 6th, , and will retrograde again in August Uranus is retrograde from August 11th, , until January 10th, , in the sign of Taurus. Neptune is retrograde in from June 21st to November 27th, , in the sign of Pisces. Neptune Retrograde Cycle Starts June 20, Pluto is retrograde in from April 24th to October 2nd, , in the sign of Capricorn.

See more years of transiting chart patterns. See the Eclipses page for more information about current and upcoming eclipses. The following is a January 1st, chart with 0 Aries houses. Note that the year begins at different times around the world and the chart will be a little different in different areas. Outer planet transits in the year , excerpted from the Day Watch Report Package.

In the Day Watch report package, the following transits are mixed with personal transits. This is a broad time for taking that second look at what life seemed to offer, or that it claimed to promise. The answers, in general, will be for the moment that optimism fails — hopes lead to disappointment and a lot of other confusions that result from both unclear desires and fuzzy thinking. This is a roughly yearlong stretch when life for society at large can seem steadier—when what is believed true can appear reliable and the powers that be for the moment either tolerate or co-opt the spiritual world.

Thus, it is sometimes a period of seeming spiritual progress.

Full Moon June – Dreams Come True – Astrology King

Although this is a universal experience and has little application on any one specific level on a day-to-day basis, it does raise the universal opportunity to make short-term gains out of what others may believe are long-term trends. There begins an inexorable seven-year build-up of recently-learned harsh truths that actually makes structure out of revolution, but at a price that will only be appreciated afterward.

Because of previous breakdowns, much is tolerated that would not otherwise be put up with, all in the name of a new deal, which may be learned from but have to be at least partially undone afterward. The answers, in general, will be for the moment that optimism fails—hopes lead to disappointment and a lot of other confusions that result from both unclear desires and fuzzy thinking. A planet is considered out of bounds when its declination is beyond the outer bounds or limits of that of the Sun, i. The energies of these planets tend to be a little out of control during these periods.

See more dates for Out of Bounds planets here. The Moon is Void of Course from the time of its listed last aspect until the Moon enters a new sign. The quintile and bi-quintile are considered minor aspects which in fact are golden. Venus and Eris are key as they are fundamentally golden with the 3 golden triangle making the penta star. This is the DaVinci code… Peace and Cheers. I see the number 3 as being very important. All these numbers numerological divisible by three.

All important numbers in my life including birthdate reduce to 3. Worked in architecture so golden triangle fascinates as does Venus star pattern. Thank you for the reminder. Just have to be aware. Peace and Cheers! I see 13, 33, all the time. Everyday theses numbers show themselves to me. I was born October 13, at in the morning.

What does this mean? Is a higher power using numbers to communicate with us? These are angel numbers, the more you are in tune with them the more you will see. It gets better, animals, insects will also who you the way. I use the following. The next U. Presidential inauguration is January 20th, This will be interesting. Exciting time for the world and for me personally I suppose.

With Mercury in 24, Sun in 27 and Moon in 28 degree Capricorn. Plus, ASC in 5 degree Aquarius. A bit nervous but also excited. What planet is that? Good point, thank you, have mistaken the federal funds rate 2. Correction made.

Saturn Pluto in libra conjuncts my MC and Saturn is my chart ruler. Do you think I will have a constant issue with career and authority figures. Saturn is ruler of first house and pluto of 11th in my chart. Problems with authority mostly come from Uranus. Progress in career will require some faster moving planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars that always benefit from help of Jupiter.

Saturn may get one stuck in a certain configuration for longer than needed. Pluto brings implosions and the need for transformation. Saturn-Pluto is a really good topic for a blog post and I may write one. In regards to your chart, look for aspects. The question is what is your Pluto is aspected with. That will give you some ideas as to how the energies will flow. Hard to tell more without seeing the whole chart. Two planets never paint the big picture. My advice is to analyse the aspects!

Hi Time Nomad, Pluto sextiles neptune ruler of 3rd in the 12th house. Conjuncts Saturn and MC and widely conjuncts sun and Venus as well pluto at 26, saturn 24, mc 22, sun 20, Venus 15 deg of libra Uranus that rules 2nd is in 11th house.. This does not bode well for longevity in a job. It certainly impacts how the person does things in their professional life.

Neptune in the 12th can signify both spiritual tendencies or mystic abilities but Neptune is tricky to handle well due to its nebulosity, read more on that here. Uranus in the 11th may manifest itself in unconventional and possibly eccentric friends. Uranus likes changes and social agendas, one may find more engagement in projects oriented towards social good, especially knowing that Neptune in the 12th. A much better handle is dealing with the Sun-Saturn conjunction. Be bigger than yourself, that would provide a valid direction.

I was born in Feb so I have this conjunct in my natal chart, in my 10th house! Hey Zach, I can feel ya.

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One important note is Eris is now in Aries. She is definitely getting into our heads. Eris plays a major part to our external weather as well. She is showing her strength in being a major player for hurricanes and tornadoes.

SR venus is in the 2H ruled by Taurus but is unaspected. Also the Neptune square Jupiter 18 degrees.. Pluto at 18 Capricorn degrees also looked at his chart and the Catholic church rocked. Hi this is Monica, can u give me some Intel on this june 17,upcoming Full moon in Sag at 26 degrees galactuc center for in my natal chart I have my Moon in Sag at 27 degrees GC as well. What are the implications of this in my life.

Fyi ……Been seeing these synch codes of, ,,,,, countless times daily for weeks now. I bet this is one effect,? This guy travels Jupiter thru Neptune, and Made an important aspect to each of the 4 Gas Planets that day…. The myth of Asbolus is that he Eventually gets bowled away, along with Pholus and Chiron, and a few other winos. This full moon happens with Moon conjunct my midheaven. I still expect that nothing will be special.

January 31, 12222 ♄ Saturn in Capricorn Exactly Sextile Neptune in Pisces ~ Astrology Horoscope

My moon is in Sagittarius. What does this mean for me? I also have a Sun Leo and Ascendant Leo sign. Financially…after the Settlement. Bugs harvesting meat and blood last night. Bugs are definitely out. Gnats and beetles are flying everywhere. It is Juneteenth, but not sure what you mean. Please explain Gerald. Please forgive me for being confused. Neptune is playing a game, while Saturn is being heavy handed and Pluto is lurking about in the dark. Uranus and Mars are on the war path, hell bent to cause upheaval and change.

A crescendo of insects on the warpath! We had an especially severe cold, snowy, and lengthy winter, and now with higher temps and high humidity, the bugs are fiesty. Not just one species of bug has invited itself to the party, and here is where it gets vexing: One must do his research and take on an holistic perspective. Note the different birds at the feeder, from just a year ago. Reduce the wardrobe too, it seems. So Pluto is lurking here in the shadows, made darker by Saturn.

Is it the Grim Reaper time? It feels closer, like Halloween at Midsummer. Are we about to experience a rip in the space time continuim? Menu Skip to content.


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June 6, June 21, Jamie Partridge. Full Moon Solar Return… Anyone? His position of Neptune and also Saturn very telling I feel. This guy travels Jupiter thru Neptune, and Made an important aspect to each of the 4 Gas Planets that day… …anyway… The myth of Asbolus is that he Eventually gets bowled away, along with Pholus and Chiron, and a few other winos.