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  1. Capricorn's monthly horoscope for November
  2. Capricorn's horoscope for November 12222
  3. Capricorn Horoscope 12222 Predictions: You Will Witness Transformation
  4. 12222 Capricorn Horoscope

Be sure to go shopping. Many unconventional clothes await you on sale. After half of the month, the Moon in the New Moon phase will pay special attention to family matters, home and loved ones that you will give special care to. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Patience can be in short supply too try not to race too far ahead of yourself! To the plus, Mars in Aries keeps your instincts and intuition fired up too. The solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 5 is preceded by Mercury into Capricorn on January 4 and followed by the end of Uranus retrograde on January 6 and Venus into Sagittarius on January 7.

Capricorn's monthly horoscope for November

If your birthday is on the eclipse or near it, this one is for you. Uranus at station is an amplification trigger. Something that was previously on a hold up can suddenly hit a fast track. Whether the eclipse produces a slight delay thanks to Uranus at station or a sudden thrust, there will be no holding back on this one.

Capricorn's horoscope for November 12222

A new reality sets into play. It could be accompanied by a sense of having dodged a bullet. January 11 to 25 can see important developments regarding professional, legal or money matters or regarding involvement with an agent, advisor, parent, mentor, or authority figure. Uranus in Taurus, starting March 6, is a creative opportunity transit for your sign. It is time to live and to love differently, get to know a new version of yourself.

Capricorn Horoscope 12222 Predictions: You Will Witness Transformation

This transit supports a significant change of career or lifestyle. It keeps you up to speed with the changing times. The end of June through July marks another endings and beginnings peak of the year. Featuring an emotional attachment or issue, a family member in greater need, a home or real estate matter, or a revisit of the past, July 2 delivers a total solar eclipse in Cancer.

For Pluto, in Capricorn since , this is more an annual chance to look back on how you can change things up. This is the point where you not only turn to face the future but find that the future you have been moving towards for years, is now in front of you. In the meantime, on a more mundane and day to day level there is a growing professional slide, as Mars joins the Sun and Venus in your career sector on 4th October. Starting the month in an adventurous part of your chart, Mars will be doing his best in the early days of the month, to ensure his passion for adventure is established and will continue after he leaves.

Once Mars returns to your career sector he is here until mid November, returning to not find only planets already in your career sector but support from forces on the income and job front, this is when the push to bring this professional year home will begin.

12222 Capricorn Horoscope

Romantic and relationship matters both fall in the Goldilocks zone this month, where things are not too challenging, not too easy and instead are just right. There are some challenges on both fronts, but never more than is required to guard against complacency and with more than enough support to balance this out. Uranus, in retrograde motion in your romantic sector will be challenged as the planets begin returning to your friendship sector, on the opposing side of the sky.

This Month

With Uranus not only in retrograde motion but receiving a lot of support from planets in Capricorn and in an adventurous part of your chart, the biggest danger now is complacency. Yet on the relationship front we have the complete reverse, with the planets in Capricorn continuing to put pressure on your relationships, while the planets returning to your friendship sector will offer them support.

With ongoing support from Neptune in your communication sector, as a balance between your personal and relationship needs continues to be policed, communication support and for friendship and relationship building is literally increasing by the day.

On both the romantic and relationship fronts, this is the continuation of a journey that has been playing out all year. Romantically charged lunar vibes are in effect from 15th October to 17th October and the Moon will bring a chance to take a deeper dive into your relationships from 19th October to 21st October.

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